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Welcome to a new experience of purchasing digital scrapbooking products for commercial use

Minimum purchase $ 2: You will find in the stores digital items of scrapbooking and for the first time you have the possibility to compose your own packs! For this, you will find sales units starting at $ 0.10! And packs starting at $ 0.60.
To be able to offer this service, a minimum of $ 2 is imposed to cover the payment system charges charged to the store for each transaction ($ 0.25 + 5% of the transaction)

Tip! : This minimum basket is valid throughout the shop, so you can take 20 items at $ 0.10 or 10 items at $0,20. Are you interested only in 1 or 2 items? You do not have time to make a basket? Come to the CRAZY PACK or LAZY PACK category, you will always find essential and very practical products at mini prices from 0.60 $ to 3 $


One by one and packs: Some unit items come from packs on sale in the shop. Others are available only to the unit. Not all packs are decomposed in the "one by one" section. Be sure to verify that you have not bought a duplicate product, so go to the My Account area that keeps track of your last transactions.


Price: you will find in this store products to the range of all budgets, the prices are fixed according to certain criteria like, size, difficulty of manufacture, rarity of the object, or its date of parution


Size and description: all elements of packs and ONE are in .png 300 dpi, all papers are in .JPG 300 dpi 3600 x 3600 pixels
The products of the ONE section are presented in full size on a preview of 3600 x 3600 pixels, a simple glance is enough to know the dimension


Navigation: to facilitate your search, the products are classified by genre but also by theme as well in the "shop by pack" part as the "One by one" part
If you are interested in the global summer theme, please go to the SUMMER tab on the menu on the left or click on the flower summer icon from the homepage the products will be offered by pack and to the unit

New arrivals: as much as possible, new products will be offered to you every week, to know in which category the new products are located, find this icon from the homepage.
Also to see all new products, go to the category New arrivals at the bottom of the site.


Warning: For this reason, the homepage will be modified very often, depending on your browser, you can not see the changes thinking to make ctrl + F5 to refresh the images


Free products, Promotions and bargains : Due to their very low price, some products will never go on sale.
To see the promotional products go to the Deal corner or spécial section at the bottom of each page

Tip! To know in advance the arrival of new products and promotion periods before anybody else, subscribe to the newsletter By checking the box in the registration form in the My Account section, you will be able to benefit from exclusive gifts reserved for the members of the newsletter.


For Freebies or not? The use for freebies is possible for all the products of this site provided they respect the conditions of uses described in the TOU
Attention for some products their use for freebies is restricted, the mention FOR FREE UNDER CONDITION will be affixed in the description

Terme of use: all products are licensed for PU / CU / S4O / S4H and site license provided that they comply with the conditions of use described in the TOU

Copyright and origin of the products: all the products for sale of this site, are either drawn, photographed and / or detoured by me, from vectors or images free of rights, bought or ceded by their author or belonging to the domain Public, of objects in free license, or bought or manufactured by me.
Any complaints concerning the copyright will be examined only if it is the subject of a complaint constituted in the rules and deposited with the DCMA.
I try every day to learn new techniques, to equip myself with the best material to offer quality products at affordable prices, I can err on your expectations, mistakes can slip, forgetfulness, bad English ! Lol
Critics make growing, I count on you. And misunderstandings are often the start of a real encounter.

For any suggestions or complaints, please contact me :



Conditions of Use

reginafalango 2017 Commercial Use License



You are allowedto use my commercial products to design digital scrapbooking kit and derivatives only, for other uses contact me


You are allowed to use my commercial products for the sale of your creations (for personal use) to the consumers themselves.

You are allowed to use my commercial products in Scrap For others provided that the end result is delivered in an flatned or attached form

Freebies :

You are allowed to use my commercial products for freebies as long as you modify them: such as applying a style, texture, attaching something to them or attaching them to something, tolerance is allowed When the element is difficult to modify as long as there is no abuse of recorded

You are not allowed to offer a freebies product alone

You are not allowed to offer freebies a product containing more than 30% of my commercial products

CAUTION these rules may differ depending on the pack, some products are not allowed for a free distribution, whatever the way, for more information, refer to the description of the product in the shop

Credit is not necessary, but it is appreciated.







You are not allowed to modify them to sell them as your own commercial use,

You can not sell these CUs / printed items for retail stores, logos, commercial, Site / blog drawings, digital stamps / rubber, cards, gift tags, invitations, advertisements, printing on demand, clothing, fabrics, vinyl art, etc.).

You are not allowed to SELL the original or derivative drawings to a company for any reason.

You are not allowed to declare these files as your own creation

You may not use these elements for the purpose of creating templates for resale

You are not allowed to use all the elements of this pack in the same kit,Unless they are specific mini packs, please refer to the product description

You are not allowed to sell a kit containing 100% of my commercial products

If you  only make free scrapbooking digital products to share on web sites  , you can not use my CU 

Do not use these images for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or for any other purpose that is prohibited by law.

The rules are the same for the items you got in freebies

If you are interested in another type of use, or if you are interested in a specific use, or if you represent a company, please Contact me at :


Attribution : according to the pack, my cu are made by me photographed cliped, scanner, digital painting, vector drawings either from my personal drawings either from vectors, jpg and png commercial license either from commercial licences in common vectors attribution 3 from sources Legal : Dreamsite Photo deposit free vector publicdomain pixabay


Legal notices

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