About Us

A crazy idea remains an idea !


"When I create a kit I am sometimes very slow to put it in shop, often because I just miss 1 element for the kit to be perfect! "

My name is reginafalango, I've been creating kits for almost 4 years, it's exciting, sometimes exhausting, but each new kit is a new adventure, what color will it be, what story will it tell you, how to find Inspiration? Will the clients appreciate it, how will the pages be?

I have the chance to also create products destined to designers, we share the same passion, we meet the same difficulties, You spend hours of work in front of your computer constantly in search of inspiration, originality And the famous missing element.

You are designers, I do not have to choose for you!

Allow yourself to compose your own pack of commercial products according to your taste, your inspiration is that idea !

You will find in the shop quality elements in the unit and in pack, and new ranges of products "practical" at affordable prices. Also I would propose to you every week new products in all styles and all themes, but also tools to boost your sales, to learn, to invent, for more pleasure in the passion that we share.

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The shop is only the beginning of history ......